Abby Symons met with  Nadhim Zahawi – MP for Stratford-upon-Avon – on Friday 31st March to discuss Stratford’s newest start-up, Social Careline. We wanted to talk to Nadhim about how our app for supporting carers could help people in the UK balance work and caring responsibilities.

You can use Social Careline to record (with your own voice) messages that can be scheduled to be sent in the future. It can be used to remind people about appointments, medication or just to check they are OK.

Social Careline is very much about an extra layer of support to enable greater peace of mind for the carer, and it’s also about their ability to continue to work. With one in every five UK employees having to give up work due to caring responsibilities, Social Careline can provide support to enable families to continue to work and, at the same time, not have the worry.

You can add up to 5 people to act as Responders in case the person you have set up to receive the messages needs help or doesn’t answer. You would choose close neighbours or other family members that didn’t mind checking in on your loved one to make sure they are OK. The system would automatically call your Responders in a set order until one of them answered and confirmed they would check on your loved one.

It was really important for Social Careline to incorporate that personal element of the service.  If somebody had a fall or was in a situation that made them feel vulnerable, we wanted it to be somebody your loved one knows coming to check on them.

It was really interesting to talk to Nadhim about how Social Careline can and will be used in the future, we will keep you up to date as things progress.

The Social Careline team.